Planning to undertake a commercial or industrial-sized construction project? If that’s the case, then you’ll need to think about working with an S94 quantity surveyor in Sydney. Quantity surveyors are one of the most important people involved in a large-scale project, and they’ll help to see your project through to success. But what exactly does a quantity surveyor do, and what are their key responsibilities? We’re answering all your questions today!


What is a quantity surveyor?

Quantity surveyors are qualified professionals who are knowledgeable about a range of construction costs and contracts, allowing them to devise a budget that minimises project expenses without compromising on results.

Quantity surveyors will have usually gained their qualifications through a tertiary degree and work experience, allowing them to be eligible for a membership at the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS). Checking for the AIQS membership is essential when you are looking to work with a quantity surveyor. The AIQS ensures that high standards of surveying are maintained by checking the surveyor’s compliance with industry standards and regulations.


What are the key responsibilities of a quantity surveyor?

Quantity surveyors are predominantly responsible for drawing up the Bill of Quantities (BOQ), a document that details specific quantities of materials and labour required to complete the project as outlined in the tender documents. In fact, the BOQ is where the title ‘quantity surveyors’ actually originates.

Aside from preparing the BOQ, a quantity surveyor will also advise construction professionals on any relevant costings and contracts throughout the life of the project. They also play a significant role in some projects where post-construction advisory services are needed, such as for tax depreciation schedules, replacement cost estimation for insurance purposes, and even mediation and arbitration.

This, however, is not all that a quantity surveyor does. Some other key aspects of their role include (but are not limited to):

  • Advising project managers on how to achieve the best outcomes in the most economical way, using cost planning, cost estimates and value management
  • Liaising with construction professionals (such as architects, engineers, suppliers and builders)
  • Interpreting and understanding architectural and engineering blueprints and specifications
  • Reviewing changes to design and construction plans to assess the impacts on cost, and ensuring the project remains on-budget
  • Resolving disputes regarding budget and/or schedule.


Assistance with cost summary reports

As stated by the Inner West Council of NSW, “Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 permits Council to levy or require provision of facilities or land where, as a consequence of development, the increased number of residents or workers will result in an increased demand for those services.”

A cost summary report (also known as a Section 94 report) helps to ensure the correct levy is paid, as per Section 94 of this law. Essentially, a cost summary report is a document that details construction project costs in a realistic manner. It is usually submitted to the council for development projects that have an estimated cost of $500,000 or more.

Section 94 reports should always be completed by a quantity surveyor to ensure maximum accuracy is achieved. Because quantity surveyors are independent parties, they will be able to complete the report to the value of the council requirements – as opposed to applicants, who are at risk of undervaluing costs or, alternatively, overpaying their levy to the council.


Preparing reports for finance approval

Quantity surveyors also prepare reports for finance approval from lending organisations. This helps lending organisations verify the cost of the project to ensure it is costed at its true market value. Ultimately, these reports assist in confirming whether projects are feasible, thus reducing risks associating with releasing funds on a loan.


Work with a qualified quantity surveyor in Sydney or Melbourne

Section94 is a team of quantity surveyors in Sydney that is dedicated to supporting both residential, commercial, industrial and government projects with quality surveying services. With our qualified and AIQS-certified surveyors, you’ll have peace of mind that your project will be delivered on-schedule and on-budget. We’ll be there to see your project through from start to finish with fast turnarounds on construction budgeting, Section 94 reports, bank prefunding, and any other required documents or services you may require.

Wherever you are located in Sydney, our quantity surveyors will be prompt to respond and visit you onsite to discuss your project further. We also provide quantity surveying in Melbourne, with a strong knowledge of council requirements for both major cities.

To discuss your next project with an S94 quantity surveyor in Sydney or Melbourne, simply give us a call on 0413 953 869.