Embarking on a renovation or new home build is always exciting, but you should never rush your choice of builder. Your project could take many months to reach completion, so you need to be confident that your builder will deliver on their promises and that you will work well together.

Over the years we’ve seen plenty of projects go astray due to petty arguments and disagreements, and this is the last thing anyone wants to be dealing with. Section 94 are here to help your project remain on track for success, and to get you off on the right foot we’ve prepared a list of 5 questions to ask before signing the contract.

Qualifications and Experience

All builders within Australia must be licensed/registered, and you should sight their credentials prior to commencing work. We don’t want to see anyone getting conned by dodgy builders, so make sure your builder is both registered and insured before you sign on the dotted line.

We would also recommend looking at previous examples of the builders’ work. Every builder has a different set of skills to offer, and it’s important to find a company who has worked on similar designs/projects to what you have in mind. This will help in ensuring you get exactly the results you envisaged, with a high level of attention to detail. Amateur builders lacking experience will be likely to take much longer (meaning increased cost), and the results could be wildly different to what you imagined.

Access to the Site During Construction

When commencing a renovation or new build, you no doubt want to keep an eye on how things are progressing. Make sure you ask your builder about whether or not you can have access to the site whilst construction is underway. You may wish to drop in a few product samples, or potentially even make changes to the build on a whim. Does your builders contract allow this, or do they have strict workplace safety regulations in place?

Staying in Touch

Is your builder a good communicator? How will they keep you informed throughout the build? In the construction game, communication is key to success. You are investing a significant amount of money, and you need to be assured that your builder is not taking advantage of you. Ideally you should be provided with progress updates on a pre-determined basis (i.e. weekly or monthly), and this will provide you with peace of mind that the build is progressing according to schedule.

Tradespeople Coordination

You may have preferences for tradespeople working on your site. Ask your builder about which tradespeople they will employ as subcontractors for your job. It’s a good idea to research their reputations online to ensure they will do a good job. You may wish to suggest alternatives, and you should ask your builder whether they are open to this. Having a reliable and experienced team working on your home or renovation project is important, as disputes and arguments can cause significant delays and potential legal issues.

Warranty Periods

A good builder will stand by their workmanship and offer a long warranty period. In accordance with the Home Building Act 1989, they must offer a structural warranty period of at least 6 years. Make sure all warranty terms and conditions are clearly laid out within the contract, this will provide you with peace of mind and financial security should anything happen down the track.

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