Nauru, Oceania


$7m project cost

We were appointed to prepare detail cost plans on numerous projects for the Nauru Government. The first project includes a 2,000m2+ extension of a major hotel that accommodates 80% of visitors. The second project was to decommission a major 3,200m2+ phosphorus storage facility built using asbestos in Nauru, Central Pacific.

We were flown in for 2 weeks to inspect existing site conditions, discuss potential ideas, identify risks and deliver a project presentation to the board members of the hotel which consisted of high ranking government officials and members of the UN.

The first project was to upgrade its existing 12 bedroom wing of its flagship hotel and extend it to a 16 bedroom building. Our detailed costing includes utilising an all Australian workforce with imported Australian materials while working with a local workforce where possible. We presented a design and construct option by working with a Sydney based architect to build a sustainable high spec finished space suitable for heads of government.

The second project was to decommission an existing phosphorus storage warehouse utilized during the phosphorus mining activities of the 1990s. We had to survey this 20m high x 114m long x 28m wide structural steel warehouse manually to accurately determine labour costs to safely decommission using imported machinery, licensed Australian asbestos removal experts and a local workforce where possible.

$5m build cost (hotel)
$2m decommission cost (warehouse)

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