Northwood, NSW


$2.8m build cost

We prepared a series of progress claims on each stage of construction for a neurosurgeon’s Hamptons style home in Northwood NSW. The project features over 400m2 of internal floor space including 4 bedrooms, bath, 2 ensuites, kitchen, butlers kitchen, dining, lounge, mudroom, garage, family, foyer, pool and outdoor entertaining area in Northwood NSW.

The client required the services of a registered quantity surveyor to assess and deliver the progress claim report. We were involved in this project for our ability to deliver within a short 3 day time frame.

With each Progress Claim it is important that we assess the work completed onsite and validate against the invoice and schedule of works provided by the builder. It is our duty to ensure the builder does not claim for work not yet completed, this protects the home owner against mismanagement of funds and protects the bank from bad debts. In each claim we provide a comprehensive 10 page document providing photographic evidence of the work completed for the bank to keep on file.

We completed the report which allowed the bank to release the funds and the client to feel satisfaction of being closer to completion.

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