Renovations are exciting and challenging times. This is more so the case when we talk about commercial renovations as they’re generally larger-scale projects compared to residential renovations. It’s important to have every little bit planned and laid out before going ahead with any work. This is where a quantity surveyor in Sydney can help you out. For today’s blog, we’ll be exploring commercial renovations as a whole and highlighting some of the more crucial elements that should be addressed in every project.


Set your budget

If money wasn’t necessary, then we’d all opt for the top of the line designs and materials. Unfortunately, that’s not the case – which is why it’s important to roughly work out how much you’re able to allocate to the renovation. This is vital as it will determine your constraints at the end of the day.

You should have an outline of what you want to do which is how you’ll figure out your budget. This can be adjusted later as the plan starts to flesh out and details begin to reveal themselves. Something else to consider is whether or not you’ll need to set aside funds to rent a space to work out of during the renovations.


Work with an architect/designer on the plan

Once you have a rough budget in place you can look at the specifics of the renovations. The contractors you choose will usually have architects or designers they’ll work with – or you can opt for an external one if you have someone specific in mind. You should work closely with them and be comfortable with them as they’re the ones who will be visualising your ideas.

Make sure to explore their past works as well and ensure their style is something that you’re after and is up to par with what you’re expecting. As we mentioned earlier, this is where your budget will start to change a bit as you may decide you want to allocate a bit more to a certain area as the plan starts to take a more detailed shape.


Be realistic

It might seem like a great idea to put that 5×5 stone water fountain with surrounding pebbles in your lobby on the 25th floor…but is it really necessary? These are the sort of things you need to consider. Be realistic about what you should be spending your allocated funds on. Invest in what you need instead of what you want. Think about the reason behind the renovation.

Are you renovating to improve aesthetics? Or is it more to make the working arrangements more comfortable and practical for your employees – improving overall productivity. Whatever the reason, it’s important to not lose sight of the primary goal. A Sydney-based quantity surveyor can help you with this aspect of your project as well.


Figure out temporary spacing arrangements for your business

This isn’t something that should be considered if the renovation work won’t be affecting your day-to-day business – but if it will, then it’s definitely a key issue that needs addressing as early as possible. You can either find another space for you and your employees to work from for the duration of the renovations – or you close down.

In some cases, you may be able to work from home but that may not be a solution for everyone. If you’re planning to operate during the renovations and need another space to work from then you’ll need to factor that into your budget.


Enlist the help of a quantity surveyor

You should always work with a quantity surveyor if you’re looking at undergoing a commercial renovation project. Their main goal is to ensure that all labour requirements and materials are accurately listed and represented in the appropriate documents and that all required forms are filled out.

They can also consult on project management and ensure that every aspect of the project is approached in the most efficiently and cost-effectively way possible – maximising your budget whilst still maintaining a high quality of standard.


Looking for a quantity surveyor in Sydney?

If you’re commencing a commercial renovation project anytime soon then you’re going to want to enlist the services of a Sydney-based quantity surveyor. Section 94’s quantity surveyors are highly skilled and trained, with years of experience behind them and a portfolio to back it up. Our meticulous attention to detail is rivalled only by our passion to provide you with quality service.

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