Finding the right contractor for your residential or commercial construction project can be an arduous task. Several factors must be considered, and it can be easy to miss things when you put so much pressure on yourself. Section 94’s registered quantity surveyors deal with contractors and construction tenders regularly and can simplify the job for you by reviewing and comparing all the submitted tenders.

Shopping around
Retrieve tenders from multiple contractors

The simplest way to find the best deal is to review the market for contractors — just like you would with any investment product — to ensure you are getting the best quality product and deal around. Each contractor will submit a tender to try and win the job (we suggest you gather at least three tenders), but you must not make your decision based solely on the cheapest price, and this is where our quantity surveyors can lend their expertise.

How we can help
In-depth tender analyses

Our registered quantity surveyors have over a decade of experience analysing contractor tenders and can ensure that all listed prices are accurate and that all the necessary items have been included. A common misconception is thinking that the cheapest price equals the best value. In construction, the lowest price can raise suspicions — especially if the cost is significantly lower than the others; our specialists will concentrate on the accuracy of the tender to ensure you are not being underquoted.


Underquoted tenders can lead to surprise expenses down the track and stall progress, an outcome that no owner wants to deal with, and in some cases can cost the client 20% to 30% more than the actual price. By carefully reviewing each tender, we can make an informed decision regarding the best contractor to choose for your next construction project.

Who are we?
Registered quantity surveyors

Section 94 is home to qualified, registered and experienced quantity surveyors who will look past grandeur and analyse the key figures: the relevant items/materials and their appropriate quantities, and accurate cost estimates. Avoid falling for the first contractor that looks too good to be true and ensure you are receiving the best value possible for your next construction project; get in touch with Section 94 today by filling out the form below or calling 0413 953 869.

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