Establishing quality, sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure can be difficult for developing nations; here at Section 94, we understand the challenges that such governments can face and provide a unique and specialised service aimed at simplifying infrastructural development for countries that do not have direct access to skilled consultants.

How we can help
Realistic cost estimations

Our quantity surveyors and cost consultants understand that developing countries will not always have access to professional construction consultants; this can make developing infrastructure an arduous and unnecessarily difficult endeavour. Section 94 can offer their quantity surveying services to ensure accurate and transparent cost estimations for all infrastructure upgrades including:

New builds

Renovating/refurbishing existing structures

Stormwater systems

All civil improvements

Enhancing the quality of living
Australian construction standards guaranteed

In addition to delivering accurate and comprehensive cost estimations for any infrastructure developments, we will also work with nations to develop a team of skilled Australian consultants and contractors to be flown in to work on the desired projects. This will allow for the opportunity to elevate the standard of living by forming teams with Australian consultants such as engineers and architects and creating realistic and adequate plans with costings at the forefront and delivery as the goal.


Third-party cost analyses

When other contractors have quoted for work, our surveyors can perform in-depth assessments to guarantee all costs are accurate and above board to ensure that no contractors are attempting to exploit the governments of small nations. Overcharging — or more gravely, undercharging — can cause serious project hurdles and inflict severe financial damage down the track. By utilising our surveyors as independent assessors, such obstacles can be avoided.

Planning ahead
Establish best-practise procedures

As part of our specialist service, we can help developing nations establish best-practice procedures to keep things official, professional and streamlined. This includes going through the proper channels when engaging consultants and signing the correct documentation.

Providing correct documentation and valid contracts is crucial as it officiates the deals and mitigates any underhanded acts from occurring from dishonest contractors. As finances are an important part of infrastructure developments, we will also help nations to reduce the mismanagement of funds through established processes and methods.

Who are we?
Registered quantity surveyors for developing nations

Section 94 employs professional and registered quantity surveyors that are expertly positioned to provide a variety of cost assessment, analyses and estimation services to developing nations. With over a decade of experience, our surveying services are second-to-none and will always remain transparent and professional to guarantee the most accurate results moving forward. Please feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss opportunities or ask any questions by filling out the contact form below or calling us on 0413 953 869.

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