1. What does a QS do?

A QS’s main function is to be the bridge between the principal, builder and bank. We utilise our detailed knowledge of construction procedure with labour and material rates to ensure work done is in line with the work claim.

Our main function is to protect the homeowner and the bank, but we like to work with builders to ensure they comply with correct banking policies.

2. My bank said I need a prefunding report or initial report, what’s this?

A prefunding report or initial cost report is a fundamental report required by the bank to validate the builder, builders quote, identify any risks to the bank and homeowner, confirm insurances are up to date in order to lend on your project.

3. What information do you need for a bank prefunding report?

Architectural, structural, hydraulics plans, building contract, builders original tender.

4. My bank said I need a progress report, what is this?

A progress claim is a report comparing the work performed with the builders claim.

5. What should the builder provide to receive payment for the work completed in accordance with their claim?

The builder must provide their invoice and a claim schedule detailing the work performed with the work claimed and amount remaining, this is to protect the bank and the homeowner to ensure the builder isn’t over claiming for work not performed and prevent any costly building disputes in tribunal or the supreme court.

6. What contracts do you recommend?

HIA, MBA and Fair Trading have appropriate construction contracts with reasonable clauses.

7. What’s the best way to send you my project files?

We highly recommend that you create a OneDrive or Dropbox link and upload all your project files onto it (contract, builders quote, insurances, architecturals, structurals, hydraulics, finishes) and send us the link.

This will ensure no documents have been missed due to email issues.

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