As registered quantity surveyors, the team at Section 94 live and breathe construction. We have in depth knowledge of the industry and how it works, as well as benchmarked data to ascertain average costs for most projects. Our aim is to help clients get the best possible ‘bang for buck’ at every stage of their project, and we do this by providing a range of budget estimating, cost planning and management services. If you’re about to embark on a construction project, read on to discover how we might be able to help your money go a little further.


Minimise Risks

Every project has risks, but by engaging a quantity surveyor many of them can be drastically reduced. Some of the most common issues which can delay a project include:

  • Contractor availability
  • Design Variations
  • Unresolved Disputes
  • Government Approvals
  • Inflation in the price of materials

Being able to manage these risks effectively is essential, and we are well placed to offer advice and guidance with the aim of keeping your project on track for success. In most cases we are able to identify these risks early, and they can then be resolved quickly and easily.

With strong industry connections and knowledge in the field of construction, we are happy to offer guidance on choice of contractor, materials procurement, quality assurance, safety, environmental concerns and more. This will assist you with your decision making, reduce the risk of over expenditure and minimise the risk of delays and hiccups along the way.


Control Expenditure

Building involves a lot of costs, from labour through to materials there is a lot to keep track of. Section 94 can help to keep costs under control by providing budget estimating and cost planning services. We can provide you with an initial budget cost prior to commencing the build, which is based on previously benchmarked data from projects of a similar nature.

This gives you a clear understanding of costs and where your money is being spent. It reduces the risk of bill shock at the end of a project, and it also means you will enjoy greater satisfaction upon project completion.

As quantity surveyors, we remain involved at every stage of the project. We will provide you with regular updates and revised cost estimates at key stages of the build to keep you in the loop. With a clear understanding of costs, your risk of overspending is drastically reduced. We want you to achieve the best value possible, and we’re more than happy to provide advice regarding lower cost alternatives.


The Process

  1. Preliminary Estimate – in the early stages, we will present an estimated cost based on benchmarked data/tendered market pricing and personal experience.
  1. Cost Planning and Analysis – we will carry out a thorough analysis of cost targets and allocate sufficient funds to each stage of your project.
  1. Strategy – we believe in open communication, and at this stage we will make suggestions on ways to reduce cost without impacting on estimated project completion timelines.


We will also advise you on any ongoing/future operational costs to assist with your financial planning. 

Armed with the above data and knowledge, your project is now ready to commence. We will keep a watchful eye on your budget and alert you should any issues arise. All you need to do is sit back, relax and watch your project take shape.


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