Architectural trends are always changing. As new building methods and changing aesthetic preferences start to take hold, the changes are often quite apparent as you walk through the neighbourhood streets and observe all the new developments. From shapes and colours through to open plan living, there’s a lot to be excited about – read on to learn more about the latest trends.


Bring the Outdoors In

Whilst our houses were once designed to keep the weather out, many homeowners are now starting to invite the outdoors in. Australians love entertaining, and with great weather almost all year round why not make the most of it?

There’s no need to forego all the creature comforts. You might like to explore the use of glass door systems which allow plenty of natural sunlight whilst maximizing visibility, helping to create an impression of having more space. Open decks are making a comeback, and they’re more luxurious than ever when equipped with inbuilt BBQ’s and spas. You could also keep things simple and install a green wall for improved air quality and a sense of calm.


Smart Home Technology

We’ve all heard of technology such as Google Home and Amazon Echo by now, and it seems like everyone’s getting in on the home automation game. From lighting and heating/cooling through to automatic blinds and Wi-Fi power switches that can be operated remotely, home owners have more control over their home than ever before. This technology can help in reducing energy consumption and automating home duties, and we’re excited to see what else is on the horizon.


Green Homes

Forget about massive mansions which consume enormous amounts of energy, because green homes are the next big thing. Eco-friendly homes still have all the comforts you’ve come to enjoy, but they are intelligently designed to reduce energy consumption. Builders and architects are paying close attention to weatherproofing, insulation, multi-pane windows and more. Home owners are also adopting solar at a rapid rate, with around two million Australian households now benefitting from rooftop solar.

Reducing your environmental footprint will result in better environmental outcomes that benefit future generations. Tiny homes are also gaining traction, though they may not be the best choice for growing families.


Multi-Use Spaces

Every member of the family has different ideas for how a room should be used, and flexible design options aim to keep everyone satisfied. Quickly and easily modify the layout of a room using pocket or barn doors, which enable children and parents to co-exist within the same space harmoniously. In a matter of minutes, a dining room can be transformed into a fully functional home office.  When you want to hide things away, simply pull the door shut. Architects are hard at work developing ways to meet the requirements of diverse families, and multi-use spaces go a long way in future proofing your home.


Embracing Circles and Curves

Some of Australia’s leading architects are getting creative by exploring the use of circles and curves within residential homes. Designed to create a free-flowing, natural and calming effect this design trend helps to maximize space. This trend is pleasing to the eye and a big departure from the squared off homes we’ve been used to, and we think it will really catch on in the coming years.


Section 94 Quantity Surveyors – Here to Help with Costs

There are some exciting times ahead in the world of Australian architecture. If you’re thinking about starting a construction project that’s a little bit different to the norm, you may want to speak to us about our cost estimation service which will help you with budget management and cost allocation.

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