Construction projects – no matter their scale – are always going to be pretty complex with several moving parts that need to work harmoniously in order for the project to be completed properly. This is why the planning phase is so vital. Every last detail needs to be fleshed out before any work actually begins to guarantee a smooth ride. And what’s the best way to ensure this? By consulting a quantity surveyor contractor of course.



As we said, it’s crucial that you cover every aspect of the project before any work is done and to start you’re going to need to do some pre-planning. This is where above all else you determine the feasibility of the project. You’d hate to get halfway through the project and realise you physically cannot achieve a certain aspect of it.

These are known as feasibility studies and will look at your resources and finances to determine how viable the project is and what the likelihood of it being completed without too many delays along the way is. This can be helped by the risk assessment phase of a feasibility study. You will also be establishing the project’s goals and budget as they’ll help you further plan – as well as looking into any permits that you may require.


Moving forward with the planning

Once the initial points have been mapped out it’s time to flesh them out and dive more into the details. This includes aspects such as:

  • Itemising equipment – Selecting specific materials and items for the construction. This is where a quantity surveyor contractor can really come in handy.
  • Budget specifics– Dividing and defining the budget clearly so every aspect (such as materials, labour etc.) has an accurate amount allotted to it that’s in keeping with the initial budget estimate. The feasibility study should also have given an estimate on how much should be allocated for any unforeseen delays that may arise.
  • Duration – Establishing a clear timeline for the project so you can stay on track and minimise distractions.
  • Determining milestones – Closely linked with establishing a timeline, defining milestones throughout the timeline serves as a great way to keep track of things and also help the project stick to schedule. It’s a clear indicator of how long each task should take and when it should be finished.
  • Organising experts ­– Finding the right tradesman, architect and quantity surveyor contractor for your project. You should look at their previous works and ensure their style and quality is in line with what you’re after.
  • Gaining approval – Once you have the specifics you can gain any permit approvals or permissions you may require.


Commencing construction

On paper – this is one of the easier tasks for a project manager since everything has been outlined and pre-planned – therefore it should run to schedule. But, as we know, nothing ever runs so smoothly. It’s the project managers job to ensure that everyone is sticking to the schedule and that the milestones/deadlines are being met. It also falls on them to organise regular meetings with both the construction team and the stakeholders to receive and give progress updates.

If any issues occur then it falls on you to remedy them whilst preferably still sticking to the budget and time constraints. There will be times when your project may stray from the timeline or go over budget – but it’s important to not make a habit of it as it can be easy to get stuck in the mentality of “this is only x amount over therefore it’s not a huge deal”. This is one of the reasons why It’s smart to budget for unknown variables – so you have that surplus to draw from should you need to.


Staying on track with an experienced quantity surveyor contractor

It’s imperative that you keep everyone on track and the appropriate stakeholders looped into the progress. The construction phase is where you must be pro-active. Don’t worry though, our experienced quantity surveyors can help you stay on track and achieve the milestones. Section 94 employs premium and highly qualified quantity surveyors to help ensure your project and all its finances are in order.

You deserve the best quality work – so why settle for anything less? Get in touch with one of our quantity surveyor contractors today by calling 0413 953 869. Alternatively, you can contact our Sydney or Melbourne offices.