We’ve spoken about renovating your home in the past (and ways you can finance it), but today we’re going to be concentrating exclusively on renovating with the intent on increasing your home’s value. There are several key areas you can concentrate on during a renovation that will achieve this and our expert residential quantity surveyor in Sydney is going to take you through five of those key areas in today’s blog.


1.    The bathroom

The bathroom can be a make-or-break room to some so it’s essential that if you’re planning on boosting your home’s value, you dedicate a chunk of funds and time to the bathroom. Spacious bathrooms with white marble, roomy baths and rainfall showerheads are guaranteed to turn heads.

If you have space – consider adding another bathroom to your home. This will take time as there’s a lot involved, but any Sydney-based residential quantity surveyor will tell you that it’s absolutely worth it for the extra value your home will gain. This also gives you a unique opportunity as you’ll be approaching a fresh canvas.


2.    The kitchen

Some may argue that the kitchen is just as important as the bathroom. Regardless, it is still an important space that people will look at meticulously if you ever plan to sell your home. If the décor is outdated and rustic, then you should consider a modern aesthetic.

The trouble here is you may run into some problems blending it with the rest of your home (depending on the rest of your décor) – this could be very easy or require a bit of extra ingenuity. Island benchtops are also fantastic additions to any modern kitchen if the space is available. If you don’t have much room for additions like this, then consider updating the appliances and the benchtops to match them.


3.    Decking/outdoor living area

If you have a sizeable backyard, then you can’t go wrong with crafting an outdoor living environment. Install a deck or opt for a concrete substitute. Either way, you’re going to have a great space for couches and a BBQ (or even an outdoor kitchen if it fits the space) – and, you can even top it all off with an extended roof to keep it all dry.

You can definitely have some fun with the roof and essentially make it one large skylight so the sun still makes its way through or so the raindrops can be observed. Since we’re going into cooler seasons now – invest in an outdoor fireplace or gas heaters so the area can still be enjoyed in autumn and winter.


4.    Make your home more energy efficient

With sustainability being such a hot topic in recent years, our residential quantity surveyor thinks that this is an important element to look at during a renovation in Sydney. There are several ways in which you can increase your home’s energy efficiency. Double or triple glazed windows, for example, offer fantastic insulation and soundproofing qualities – especially considering you can lose up to 40% of your home’s heat from windows and gain up to 87% of outside heat.

On top of this, you should look at retrofitting energy-efficient insulation products such as glasswool to further improve your home’s thermal performance and energy efficiency. Not only is a higher energy efficiency better for the environment – but it also means you’ll be spending less on heating and cooling, ultimately reducing your electricity bill. This is an attractive feature for any home.


5.    Curb appeal

The front of the house is crucial as it’s the first impression. Some people may not choose to look at a certain home when buying/renting purely based on the lack of curb appeal. Overhaul your garden and consider planting a variety of colourful flowers – try to aim to contrast your garden with your home’s exterior.

If you have a front fence, then make sure it’s in tip-top condition – you may as well get all of the work done in one swift project. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade the fence? You should be able to look at the front of your house and be amazed. If you’re going to put in the time and funds to renovate, then you should be impressed with the results.


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